Distinct influence of saturated fatty acids on malignant and nonmalignant human lung epithelial cells

Gradient chitosan hydrogels modified with graphene derivatives and hydroxyapatite: physiochemical properties and initial cytocompatibility evaluation

Microstructure and mechanical properties of PU/PLDL sponges intended for grafting injured spinal cord

Polylactide/hydroxyapatite nonwovens incorporated into chitosan/graphene materials hydrogels to form novel hierarchical scaffolds

Promotion through external magnetic field of osteogenic differentiation potential in adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells: design of polyurethane/poly(lactic) acid sponges doped with iron oxide nanoparticles

Self-healing polyurethane-based nanocomposites modified with carbon fibres and carbon nanotubes

Structural and microstructural study of novel stacked toroidal carbon nanotubes

Structure and electrical transport properties of carbon nanofibres/carbon nanotubes 3D hierarchical nanocomposites: impact of the concentration of acetylacetonate catalyst

Study on the synthesis and properties of hierarchically structured electrospun/vapour-grown carbon nanofibres nanocomposites