Aleksandra Lach, M. Sc.



University degrees

  • MSc in Materials Engineering (2018)
  • BSc in Materials Engineering (2017)

PhD student at Department of Biomaterials since October 2018

Stays abroad

  • 3-month internship (2019) at the Institute of Physics of the University of Rostock on the subject "Investigation of the thermal properties of polyurethanes based on magnetite modified saccharides"


Scientific experience

  • synthesis and characterization of hydrogels based on natural polymers modified with nanomaterials for cartilage tissue regeneration,
  • synthesis and characterization of polyurethane-based bone scaffolds modified with magnetic particles, bioceramics, and PCM,
  • application of thermal analysis (DSC, TG, DMA) for characterization of polymers and polymer-based composites


  • Implants and Artificial Organs - laboratory classes
  • Thermal Analysis - laboratory classes
  • Composite Materials - seminar classes

Currently realized projects
NCN Sonata BIS: 2016/22/E/ST8/00048 (2017-2022) Multifunctional bone cements based on polyurethane saccharides with controlled cross-linking temperature " (Project manager - Kinga Pielichowska)