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The courses lead by department teachers:
Engineering of functional materials* Tissue engineering
Engineering of functional materials BioSurface engineering (Prof. Dieter Scharnweber)*
Technology of composite materials Elements of biotechnology
Biomaterials Tissue and genetic engineering*
Biomaterials for tissue regeneration Tissue and genetic engineering
Nanocomposites Materials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
Clinical tests Polymers
Bionanocomposites Biopolymers
Biomaterials engineering Polymer materials
Fracture mechanics Technology of polymer materials
Composites materials Polymers in building industry
Implantation techniques Polymer biomaterials
Material science Testing of solid state materials
Biomaterials engineering Testing of materials
Composites for technical and medical application Ultrasoniq testing of materials
Biomaterials science*

Optical microscopy for materials evaluation

Materials for therapy and medical diagnostics Implants and Artificial Organs
Biomaterials and Composites Membrans and separation techniques
Clinical tests Biomaterials composite
Materials from renevable sources Synthetic carbon materials
*Courses in English


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