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The Department of Biomaterials was founded in 2003 following the decision of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics, AGH UST. The Department develops education and research activities in biomedical  aspects of bioengineering. The objectives of the study programmes are to promote knowledge acquisition in the area of biomaterials engineering. The educational objective in this field is the application of materials engineering principles and methods to problems associated with human health. This includes the design and manufacturing of biocompatible materials, implants, artificial organs, controlled drug delivery systems and various medical devices. The research carried out at the Department is focused on the areas of   biomaterials technology and analysis of interaction  between implant surfaces and  the biological environment/living tissue to improve the biocompatibility and the biofunctionality of biomaterials. The scientific projects are realized in multidisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers from technical and medical Universities in collaboration with industrial partners inPoland. The Department applies advanced methods and equipment to develop specific, nonmetallic multicomponents biomaterials.




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